Ultra Hair Away for Ingrown Hair

The Ultra Hair Away is a potent hair inhibitor spray that aims at slowing down hair growth, eventually stopping new growth altogether. A scientifically advanced natural formula, the Ultra Hair Away is an ultimate product for men and women who wish to get rid of the unwanted body hair quickly, painlessly and without any side effects.

Ultra Hair Away :

  • Slows down hair growth just about anywhere on your body including the legs, arms, underarms, shoulders, chest, back, abdomen and also bikini line. You may also use it for infected ingrown hair cyst
  • Easy to use, painless hair growth inhibitor solution
  • Leaves skin baby-soft and smooth for days
  • Natural formula hence no side effects
  • Works on all skin types
  • Excellent for both men and women

How does Ultra Hair Away work?

Developed after years of research, the Ultra Hair Away works by blocking the dermal papilla where the hair begins to grow underneath the skin. The process slows down and inhibits the hair re-growth. Following a regular use of Ultra Hair Away you will notice the new hair growth is softer and finer, and grows much slower. Much better than the dark, thick and coarse hair which you otherwise used to get after shaving.

When you use Ultra Hair Away hair growth inhibitor spray your frequency of hair removal sessions will be reduced. You will observe that you won’t need to worry about hair removal for longer than normal. Using Ultra Hair removal therefore turns out to be cost effective solution as it saves you from several sessions of painful and costly hair removal processes like waxing, electrolysis, sugaring or laser therapy.

How long before I see results?

The time taken to see results of the Ultra Hair Away natural hair inhibitor spray varies for   different individuals as it depends on several factors such as coarseness of your hair, the condition of your skin and the way you use the hair growth inhibitor spray.

People with thicker body hair may get results of Ultra Hair Away in a little longer time besides hairs that are dormant at the time of the initial application of the hair inhibitor spray may take longer to be affected since one has to wait for them to grow out before this product can take full affect. However, it has been observed that most users see a noticeable difference after 4 or 5 weeks of regular application of this product.

How do I use Ultra Hair Away?

You need to apply this hair growth inhibitor twice a day for the first week of using the product. Thereafter, you will need to use hair inhibitor spray only once in a day. To use this hair growth inhibitor, simply spray the solution onto the area where you wish to inhibit the growth of body hair, and rubbed in. Continue to shave or wax as necessary during your treatment with this hair growth inhibitor. Overtime you will notice the growth of your hair has reduced considerably and you will need to shave less often.