How to Make Short Crust Pastry

An Easy Shortcrust Pastry Every cook should have a basic short crust pastry recipe in their repertoire as it can be a lifesaver for making that last-minute quiche or dessert – and a good short crust is well worth its weight in lesser pastry. Short crust pastry is called this because it’s intended to be

Hollandia Lager European Lagers Hollandia Review

I have the same memories I imagine most beer enthusiasts had growing up. As a kid, I watched the men of my family drink the mainstream lagers everyone drank. I remember tasting my dad’s beer when I was young, not liking it very much. It was fizzy, over carbonated, and just didn’t taste good. In

Which are the Common Eastern European Herbs and Spices

Why are so many herbs and spices traditionally used all along the Eastern European cuisine? Besides the geographical location, it is common in Eastern Europe to have ancestors with different nationalities like Hungarian, Slovakian, Czech, Serbian and Romanian. The nations were mixed during the history like you mix your spices. Let’s take a quick look

The many Faces of Gruel

“If you don’t behave, little mister, you’ll only have gruel for a week!” The threat of a menu consisting only of gruel is the classic symbol of cruel, domineering headmasters at cold orphanages and boarding schools. When we think of gruel, we think of punishment and hardship. In truth, this myth about gruel was built

Ramadan Iftaar Muslim Islam Religion Fast Fasting

Ramadan is the month where Muslims fast from sunrise till sunset. Muslims do not consume any food or drink during this period so it is vital that Muslims need to take care of their diet. When people open their fast it is known as Iftaar. Planning your iftaar meals beforehand can help save you a

History of Hummus

A delicious blend of tahini, garlic, lemon juice and chickpeas, hummus is a classic dish of the Middle East and Mediterranean, with a long, if murky, history. Tahini is the oily cream paste that is extracted from sesame seeds. Sesame is an annual herb and the seeds grow inside small pods. In the primitive versions

How to Plan the Iftar Meal to Break the Ramadan Fast

Ramadan is the most sacred month in the Islamic calendar.  It is the ninth month, but it does not correspond to the ninth month in the conventional Gregorian calendar, as it shifts back ten to eleven days per year relative to that calendar. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims are enjoined from eating or drinking

Why France is Famous for its Cuisine

Moncontour, Brittany It was a very small French town – little more than a village – and it preserved the traditional hierarchy of importance: first, the Priest, then the Mayor, and, thirdly, the Doctor. This order sometimes varied depending on whether the parishioner needed an urgent political favor, a cure for sickness of his body

Healthy Suhoor for Ramadan

The Arabic word “futoor” means breakfast. Hardly anyone needs an explanation of the word “breakfast”, but for the sake of clarity, let it be said that the word “breakfast” is the resulting one word which means “the breaking of the fast”, the “fast” generally understood as the time throughout the night in which we rested

A Guide to Scottish Cuisines

The Scottish love their food and it is Scottish delights they enjoy the most. There are more restaurants per head in Edinburgh than anywhere else in the UK but when Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant Amaryllis failed in Glasgow it was accused of being too snooty for Glasgow’s taste. Whilst Scotland boasts some fine food products including